Stoner Job Post# 87654


Requirements: GED,  Convict school equivalency certificate or be a class 3 registered sex offender.   Must be handy with a switchblade, in any case you have to put an old bitch in her place for back sassing you.

Benefits: All the free antiques and meds you can muster.  We kindly ask to drug them first, because they rarely sleep.  If interested,  please show up to any nursing home near you.   We have a community come as you are policy.  Being on parole is no problem!  We even do prison work releases!

This is an equal BYOB workplace environment, we turn a high eyebrow to those who help themselves to the private cooler.



About Stoner Kola

I'm your typical chubby-chaser-hottie. I'm also a thrower. I throw rocks at cars, occasionally people. I'm growing up to be a satirical comedy writer, but I think I'll just end up an asshole like the rest of these jerks. I love food! My dream threesome would be me, red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and a lemon cupcake from Sprinkles. Bring that and I can easily be taken advantage of. My best friends (I call them my better halves) are gay. They are the best. Bring a troth a sexy men and it's a partaaaaay!

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