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We Really Are Lazy Fucks Who Only Work 30 Minutes A Day

Typically speaking the work day consists of 8-9 hours of blah, blah, blah.  You fucking know what it consists of, you signed up for the this mental anguish.  Well today you lazy bastards I have good news.   Although it seems like an eternity, turns out we only work 30 mins in a day!   Check this out:

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So when you get that numbing taste of, ‘Not this shit again,’ sprinkled with last night’s tequila fiasco,  here’s some lemon flavored hope to gargle on.  Yeesssss, I know it will still taste like shit, but now it’s lemon flavored shit!  So give your special special spleepy time toy an extra hug, because you deserve only the fluffiest of fluffy sheeps to count for the whole thirty minutes you’re going to actually work tomorrow.   I threw the extra  ‘s’ in sheeps, because we’re not talking about just any sheep, these are super sheeps.  AND because you deserve only the finest superest fluffiest of fluffy sheeps to count for that lazy ass mess you call full time exempt.