Stoners Rule is the distant , yet attractive, cousin to The Onion .   Well, we’re not really related, but we drink from the same satirical watering hole.   Our “news” is  the same ‘once upon a time’ make believe crap your parents read to you after you promised not another drop of piss will softly caress your sheets again.  That kind of story!  We provide meaningless horseshit to meaningful people who appreciate meaningless horseshit in a meaningful manner.  

About Stoner Kola

I’m your typical chubby chasing bedlamite hottie.  I’m also a thrower.  I throw rocks at cars, occasionally people.  I’m growing up to be a satirical comedy writer, but I think I’ll just end up an asshole like the rest of those jerks.  I love food!  Mmmm me, red velvet cheesecake and a lemon cupcake #dreamthreesome.


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